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Who we are...

Karnataka Gamaka Kala Parishat (Academy of Gamaka Art, Karnataka) is an organisation that is formed to support and encourage the Gamaka Art form.

About Gamaka

Gamaka is a traditional art unique to Karnataka. It brings alive great epics for the benefit of the common man. Gamaka is centuries old, believed to date back to the time when Valmiki narrated the Ramayana and twins Lava-Kusha sang them.

Gamaka includes rendition of the verses in epics like Torave Ramayana and Kumaravyasa Mahabharata set to a classical raga, and an interpretation of the same with a brief explanation generally called vyakyana. Over the last 30 years, Karnataka Gamaka Kala Parishat has been working in Bengaluru to popularise the art of Gamaka. The Parishat has its branches in all the districts of Karnataka. There are about 450 active Gamakis, of which over 100 are in Bengaluru.

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