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Karnataka Gamaka Kala Parishat (Academy of Gamaka Art, Karnataka) is an organisation that is formed to support and encourage the Gamaka Art form.

Genesis and Growth

Having migrated from Mysore to Bangalore in the 1930's Senior Gamaki Sri M. Raghavendra Rao, together with Scholars like Sri Subodha Rama Rao and Sri, Varadam Rama Rao promoted Gamaka recitations at the Karnataka Sahitya Parishat and other centers. Under the guidance of the then President of the Karnataka Sahitya Parishat, Maasti Venkatesh Iyengar he was encouraged by various scholars in Western Karnataka. As convenor of Ka Sa Pa's Gamaka classes, he did yeoman service to the art for over two decades. Thus, under various stalwarts and scholars of the Parishat including Sarvashri, G. Venkatasubbaiah, M R Sri, A N Murthi Rao and "Masti", this art form bloomed and progressed.

At about this stage, Sri Raghavendra Rao had to settle in Mysore, where he continued his Gamaka services together with is third son. This enabled creation of the Gamakis Association under the banner Kavya Ranjini Sabha, which till today has been conducting several activities including annual festivities.

Several scholars who visited and participated in the Sabha activities felt an urgent need for a separate Academy to cater to the art of Gamaka and this was the prime urge for Sri Raghavendra Rao to start at the Sri Rama Mandira, Narasimharaja Colony, Bangalore on Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, in 1982, planted the seed for the Karnataka Gamaka Kala Parishat at No. 58/1, 1st Main Road, Thyagarajanagar, Bangalore 560028, with Sri G Narayana and Sri Raghavendra Rao as President and Vice President respectively. Other leading scholars and stalwarts as members, as other office bearers and as district representatives. At this juncture Gamaki Sri M R Ramakrishna and other family members supported towards clerical activities and they also provided food initially during the formation of association.

Presently Parishat having entered 31st year is operating at the rented premises at #7, Subbarama Chetty Road, Nettakallappa Circle, Basavanagudi, Bangalore 560004 since one year.

It is fervently expected that the 9th Akhila Karnataka Gamaka Kala  Conference will find a grand celebration.

Over the last 30 years, Karnataka Gamaka Kala Parishat has been working in Bengaluru to popularise the art of Gamaka. The Parishat has its branches in all the districts of Karnataka. There are about 450 active Gamakis, of which over 100 are in Bengaluru.

Karnataka Gamaka Kala Parishat has seen four Presidents till date i.e., 2010. The first President was Sri. G. Narayana.

Presidents of Karnataka Gamaka Kala Parishath

  • Sri. G. Narayana [1982-2003]
  • Sri. K.S. Venkatadri Sharma [2003-2006],
  • Dr. Krishna Kolhar Kulakarni [2006-2008] and
  • Sri. B.G. Ramesh [since 2008 October].
Besides popularising the Gamaka art, the Parishat is conducting Gamaka examinations every year all over Karnataka and has published books on Gamaka and Gamakis.

Sri M. Raghavendra Rao, Founder and Vice President

Sri G Narayana, President
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